The Internet Was Tricked Into Thinking Yelp Is Suing ‘South Park’ For $10 Million

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10.21.15 2 Comments
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It’s an honor to be mocked by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. After the “gay fish” episode, Kanye West responded, “South Park murdered me last night and it’s pretty damn funny. It hurts my feelings, but what can you expect from South Park!” Last Wednesday’s episode took on the Yelp mafia and how they “use the review service to their own advantage.” Also, boogers and cum.

Soon after “You’re Not Yelping” aired, NBC reported that Yelp is suing South Park for $10 million. A Yelp spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Our company, along with its millions of users, take Yelp very seriously. The South Park episode was in extremely bad taste and not funny whatsoever.”

Damning stuff, until you look closer at the source and realize it’s not It’s, a horrible, bottom-feeding satirical website; think the Onion, minus the irony. And humor. Stone and Parker’s statement that “we have given Yelp and their lawsuit only one star?” FAKE. In fact, Yelp has a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

A real Yelp spokesperson tells Eater that the company has no plans to sue South Park. “The rumor about a Yelp lawsuit is entirely untrue and was started by a satire site that has received far too much media credibility.” She adds, “We have no interest in legal action against the fantastic team that makes the South Park magic happen.” (Via)

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