‘South Park’ Gloriously Stuck It To Smug Yelpers In This Week’s Episode

Season 19 of South Park has been interesting in that it’s been the first season that’s followed a consistent, continuing narrative. While other seasons have had recurring plots or jokes, this is really the first time the series has had a cohesive plot arc. Wednesday night’s episode, “The Yelper Special,” continued to build on that arc involving the gentrification of South Park following Whole Foods moving into town, which the townspeople previously rallied for to combat the backlash of Mr. Garrison’s immigration plan.

With the Whole Foods in place, the town now sees a bunch of new restaurants moving into town. This leads to the citizens of South Park all fancying themselves food critics, which provided some blistering commentary about Yelp and people who use the review service to their own advantage. Although the restaurants initially rebel against the Yelpers and war is waged across South Park, the town eventually concedes to a truce between the two factions, and the restaurants find away to give the Yelp elite the special service they truly deserve, as seen in the above musical clip: “Boogers and Cum.”

If there really are people in the world who go into restaurants and announce their superior Yelp status, I think it’s safe to say they’re getting whatever special treatment is coming to them.

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