Dead Body Shopping, A Semen Hunt, And Other Morbid Twists Take ‘Spotless’ Out In Style

In the 10th and final episode of ‘Spotless,’ Jean and Martin devise a plan to show Nelson that his brother Victor is too much of a liability to keep around. But the chances of them just walking into a room and finding Victor in the middle of the heinous act of necrophilia? Well, not likely. So they’ve got to stage it.

Jean and Martin already have a growing pile of dead bodies on their conscience and don’t want another, so they can’t risk endangering anyone. The episode then turns into a quest to find three incredibly rare items: an already-dead girl, a location Victor would likely commit the aforementioned act in… and some of his manly fluids. (All that’s missing here is an evil wizard and a magic sword.)

Back at the house, Jean tries to talk to Julie and work on saving their seriously damaged marriage before she takes a trip to her mother’s for a few weeks. Julie makes the understandable accusation that Jean actually likes being in danger. That would actually explain a lot of his life choices up until now.

After Jean leaves, Julie sees Victor Clay watching her from the garage. Julie confronts him – she even slaps him – which prompts Victor to grab her by the throat and give her an intimidating look that screams “I could kill you if I wanted to”… before letting her go.

Victor later meets with Martin at a restaurant. Victor thinks he wants help confessing to Nelson. But the truth is that Martin is just planning on getting him drunk and taking him to a brothel so that he can get one of the items on the list – a condom full of Victor’s man-juice.

Unfortunately, after 50 minutes, the highly-touted escort comes out visibly frustrated because she hasn’t been able to get anything from Victor. Martin makes a comment that she’s probably not his type – by which he means she’s breathing – and goes in to try and finish the job himself. Yep, he gives a sleeping Victor Clay a handy. Afterwards, Martin goes home – clearly a changed man from the experience – and gives Jean a thermos with a used condom inside.

Martin and Jean also head to a local morgue after getting a call from a greedy, drug-addicted doctor they know. He’s just gotten the body of a dead 22-year-old coma patient who suffered from an aneurysm and doesn’t have any family looking for her. This literally couldn’t be better news for them. (And I may have to take a shower after writing that last sentence.)

The next day, Jean and Martin walk into Nelson’s pub and tell everyone that he had sex with a dead girl at Julie’s studio. They all head to the studio to find the body of the girl from the morgue. Victor denies ever meeting her but Martin claims that it’s a girl they met last night when he left him at the brothel after too many drinks. Nelson’s immediately suspicious, saying that it isn’t even Victor’s style. And it’s insane that he can even make that distinction.

Victor takes the opportunity to tell Nelson that his “gold digger” wife has been sleeping around with Martin, and that’s why this is happening. To further convince Nelson to believe the story, Kevin, the new low man on the totem pole, does some in-depth investigating of the body and finds what he believes to be Victor’s left-behind “evidence.”

On the way to the roof, Martin tells Jean that the sperm is actually his. So they need to make sure Nelson doesn’t test it.

Nelson says he can’t just take Jean and Martin’s word on Victor’s recent acts and asks for more proof. That’s when Jean drops the bomb that Victor slept with the dead body of Veysel’s wife after killing her. Having heard enough, Nelson shoots Victor through the head.

After hanging Victor’s body up for the world to see, he tries to shoot himself in the head. Fortunately for him, the gun jams. Martin takes the gun away and Nelson walks off. But then… the gun suddenly goes off and shoots Kevin in the leg. As Nelson looks on, he realizes that he was that close to really dying and has been given a second chance.

The next morning, Nelson tells Sonny that he knows about the affair and chose to shoot Victor. But he also tells her that he’s choosing not to kill her.

After celebrating their moral victory, Jean and Martin return home to find that no one’s there. All that’s left are signs of a break-in and struggle – a broken window and a spot of blood – that lead us to believe that Kevin came back and did something to Julie and the kids.

It’s a fitting end to a roller-coaster season that has us aching for more.