It’s A Bloody Good Time On The Premiere Of ‘Spotless’

Crime-scene cleaning is an exacting job. Not just anyone can do it, and that makes Jean, with his insight into death, uniquely suited to cleaning up what remains when a person has passed on. Of course, it also means he’s kind of a mess, as we see in the first episode of Esquire Network’s Spotless.

We spend most of the episode getting to know the public and private sides of Jean; in public, he’s a detail-oriented family man, working hard on his small business. In private, though, we learn that the murder he was involved in as a child that opens the episode has made him something of a mess. He’s cheating on his wife for reasons even he seems unable to puzzle out; he keeps his business in police contracts by bribing detectives; and he’s teetering on the edge of bankruptcy keeping up his life.

Into this Jenga game of a life comes Martin, Jean’s brother who he hasn’t spoken to in a year. Martin is genial, outgoing, funny, good with kids… pretty much everything Jean isn’t. But Martin hasn’t shown up to mend fences; he’s got an accidentally dead heroin mule in a freezer in his van and Jean, on discovering that he’s about to lose lucrative police contracts, reluctantly agrees to get into the extracting-heroin-from-corpses business.

Complicating matters is that the heroin deal promptly goes wrong; Martin trusts the wrong people, accidentally cuts two deals at the same time, and one side of this particular Golden Triangle dies messily. Jean and Martin think they’re next… until Jean points out he can make it as if the entire crime scene never happened. But while he may be alive, Jean might live to regret impressing a London mobster.

You can see our video recap above, and watch the whole episode right now. And if you’re curious what happens to Jean and Martin next, new episodes of Spotless air Saturdays 10 p.m. EST, 9 p.m. Central on Esquire Network.

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