A ‘Star Trek’ Fan Group Is Handing Out Scholarships To The Most Hardcore Trekkers

11.22.15 3 years ago


Any student or disgruntled parent can vouch that paying for school is incredibly difficult and agonizing. However, if you are a Star Trek fan (commonly referred to as a “Trekker” or “Trekkie”), there is a silver lining of hope. Starfleet International, which is a huge order of Trekkers, offers several yearly scholarships for fans. This means that all the mad devotion — to the adventures of those who boldly went where no one else has gone before — will pay off.

Since 1990, Starfleet International has been offering $1000 scholarships for every winner that gets selected. The scholarships are separated into five different categories, and the applications are quickly reviewed by a SFI group which will then ask a brief question about the applicant’s involvement in the Star Trek community as a Trekker. This question appears to be the most important factor into deciding who will receive the scholarship for the specific area. Simple!

The $5,000 contribution from SFI may not seem like a huge offering, but it is rather large for a fan group. For that matter, it’s a larger amount than most other opportunities for funds that are available to students. The scholarship is also elastic enough to allow for various forms of study.

(Via VICE)

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