‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Has Been Renewed For A Second Season On Disney+

If you’re still mourning the loss of Star Wars’ critically-acclaimed animated series, series like The Clone Wars and Rebels, rest assured that Lucasfilm Animation and Dave Filoni aren’t calling it quits on bringing Star Wars’ ever-expanding universe to life just yet. Disney has announced Star Wars: The Bad Batch will return to Disney+ for its second season in 2022. The news comes just ahead of season one’s two-part finale, which is scheduled to hit the streaming service on August 6. According to Disney+ president Michael Paull, the newest entry in the Star Wars series has become a “fan-favorite,” and they are “excited to see the Star Wars animated universe expand on Disney+.”

For those who’ve yet to watch The Bad Batch, the series follows Clone Force 99, a group of “enhanced clones, more capable than an army” who are left aimless following the Clone Wars’ end. The mercenary group consists of Hunter, Echo, Tech, Wrecker, and Crosshair, all of which excel in certain areas of combat that relate to their names. For example, Hunter is a skilled tracker and fighter, Tech is, well, a techie, and Crosshair is the group’s ranged attacker. At the series start, the team is joined by a young medical assistant clone named Omega, and nothing but your usual Star Wars high-stakes, high-drama ensues following her arrival — and apparently none of us can get enough of it.

If you’ve been waiting for the series’ end to do a good ‘ol fashioned Disney+ binge, the good news is you’ll be able to starting tomorrow, giving you plenty of time to be caught up before the second season airs next year. If you’re already all caught up, allow me to happily remind you we have both Disney+’s upcoming Boba Fett spin-off series, The Book of Boba Fett, and the third season of The Mandalorian coming between now and The Bad Batch’s second season. While The Mandalorian has yet to get a season 3 premiere date, The Book of Boba Fett hits Disney+ this December.