Stephen Colbert Set Up A Twitter Account For Bill Clinton. The Handle Is Perfection.

Last night’s extra special Colbert Report was dedicated entirely to an on-location Q&A with President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative University. As you can imagine, the whole thing was interesting, entertaining, and all around great (Colbert’s intro/monologue in particular was inspired), but the portion that has the internet abuzz this morning is Colbert setting up a brand-spanking new Twitter account for “President William Jefferson Billy Jeff Rodham Clinton” himself. Handles are difficult to come by these days but @PrezBillyJeff was remarkably still available. Dodged a bullet there. Could have gotten embarrassing.

There’s currently only one tweet remaining on the account — the one sent by Colbert in the clip embedded below — but at one time there were four (screengrab below). The thing isn’t verified yet and three tweets have been deleted so I’m not too optimistic Clinton is going to run with the handle. Bill and DMs might not be in the best interest of anyone, but it makes for a cool story nonetheless.

The clip in question and additional tweets below. You can check out the full Q&A here.

I hear Air Force Seven is just a refurbished clunky old Airbus leased from Spirit Airlines.

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