Stephen Colbert Finally Got Around To Acknowledging His Ice Cream’s Cameo In Sunday’s ‘Breaking Bad’

If you watched last Sunday’s Breaking Bad you know that the Stephen Colbert-inspired Americone Dream flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream made a cameo in the show. With that said, I’m a little surprised it took Colbert until Thursday night to gloat about this, but I guess he was too tied up celebrating his big Emmy win, so we’ll give him a pass.

“Winning (Emmy awards) wasn’t even my biggest achievement last Sunday night,” Colbert quipped. “Because in addition to being honored on the Emmys, I was prominently featured on a television show people actually watch.”

After playing a clip of Todd passing Jesse some Americone dream, Colbert said, “That’s right, my ice cream, Americone dream — the only ice cream endorsed by sociopathic white supremacists. It does keep the vanilla separate from the caramel.”