Stephen Colbert Invaded ‘The Daily Show’ To Tell Jon Stewart The Real Reason He’s Leaving ‘The Colbert Report’

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04.24.14 14 Comments

The Daily Show

Stephen Colbert unexpectedly invaded The Daily Show in full “Stephen Colbert” character last night to drop some terrible news on Jon Stewart: he’s leaving The Colbert Report. Yeah, everyone already knew, but Colbert wanted to give Stewart the courtesy of an in-person notice and hilarious explanation.

The real reason Colbert’s stepping down: after nearly nine years on The Colbert Report, there’s no mountain left for him to climb. He’s won television.

The delightful exchange had Stewart tittering like a schoolgirl and nearly broke Colbert at one point, but he managed to compose himself long enough to lob a bomb at the real Stephen Colbert and to say goodbye to Stewart with a touching farewell tribute… to himself.

The Daily Show

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