Stephen Colbert Heroically Saved A Wedding That Was Ruined By The Government Shutdown

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10.04.13 14 Comments


At least 24 couples with October weddings planned at national monuments were recently informed their events will be canceled if the government shutdown lasts until their big day. This unfortunate ramification was enough to make even Stephen Colbert — arguably the shutdown’s biggest proponent — cringe, so he decided to make one couple’s ceremony far more memorable than it would have been at the Jefferson Memorial.

Believing that love is bigger than even his beloved government shutdown (and armed with the ministry certification he earned online), Colbert officiated the nuptials of Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le on last night’s show, in a ceremony he dubbed The 2013 Government Shutdown Wedding of the Century.

Watch below as Colbert oversees all of the wedding festivities (including bachelor/bachelorette parties and the couple’s first dance) in a two-part extravaganza, right on the set of The Colbert Report. It’s a thing of beauty.

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