Stephen Colbert Reveals A Bit Too Much In The First Episode Of His New Lunch Web Series

Stephen Colbert wants to get to know his audience a bit more before the start of his tenure on The Late Show, so he’s put together this web series for folks to chat with him over their lunch. And it’s possible he gets a bit too relaxed during the entire thing. While snacking on his “small” assortment of foods, like Little Caesar’s and Thin Mint cookies, Colbert reads a note he wrote to himself and put in his lunch (just like mommy used to do in high school, so the other boys would know who had the best mommy). Then he goes on to reveal the large bag of money he found on the subway and his foray into exotic bird smuggling.

The real money is in exotic meats, fish, beef, kangaroo…No worries of them waking up because they’re already dead. A parrot does not taste good.

Also there was this Galactus selfie. You don’t just get this kind of gold every day:

(Via The Late Show)