Stephen Colbert Investigates Just How Far Up Trump’s ‘Inner Circle’ Devin Nunes Is

Of course the news of House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes’ secret visit to the White House, and sudden decision to scrap his group’s meetings this week, would paint a late night target on the congressman’s back. Hence why Late Show host Stephen Colbert decided to pull out his trusty chalkboard to try and make sense of the Republican representative’s repeated missteps — not to mention his possibly conflicted political relationship with President Donald Trump and his administration. The House Intelligence Committee is supposed to be investigating the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia, right? Guys?

“This leaves the question of what Nunes found out, and who leaked it to him?” Colbert asked. “To get to the bottom of that, we’re going to need the Late Show‘s ‘Figure-It-Out-A-Tron.'” Or, in non-late night comedy parlance, a “chalkboard.” Centered around a “photo-realistic portrait” of Nunes, Colbert drew a stick figure of the congressman in which his arms connect his place on the House Intelligence Committee to his past work on Trump’s transition team. “He can’t reveal what he learned,” the host explained, “because he’s got split loyalties.”

Then there’s the matter of the committee’s “split” investigation, which seems to be focused both on the Trump campaign’s possible Russian ties and the president’s bonkers tweets about Trump Tower being wiretapped during the 2016 election. That, and Nunes’ aforementioned secret visit to the White House grounds. “He’s at the White House a lot. I will indicate the White House,” Colbert noted while drawing, “by this ‘W’ right here. He is up in the White House. He’s so far up in the White House, you can’t even see his head.”

The moral of the story? “He’s really in Trump’s inner circle,” which consists of some pretty big associates.