Stephen Collins Might Not Be Prosecuted For Molestation

Pious 7th Heaven dad-turned-alleged child molester Stephen Collins might just get away with his crimes. Yes, the ones that he actually confessed to on tape. Why, you ask? Because of our good ol’ legal system.

Even though it appears that he admitted to molesting and exposing himself to kids on three separate occasions in a leaked therapy session with his estranged wife Faye Grant, TMZ now reports that neither the LAPD nor the NYPD will prosecute him because they are hampered by statute of limitations.

So to be clear…Collins (allegedly) went around touching kids, ruining their lives forever in the process, for god knows how long, and he gets off scot-free because we all found out too late?

I’ve seen this kind of ridiculousness in a bunch of Law & Order: SVU episodes, but somehow you believe this wouldn’t happen in real life. Not that I like the thought of there being another victim, but I do hope that police officials are able to find new evidence to properly prosecute this guy.

TMZ via Vulture