Stephen King Called This Week’s ‘Fargo’ The Best Thing On TV ‘In The Last Three Years’

Stephen King’s TV track record is full of red flags (and an occasional Flagg). For every The Stand, there’s a Kingdom Hospital and Under the Dome and The Shining miniseries and his weirdly ineffective episode of The X-Files. Not great, Bob. But his ridiculous preference of Steven Weber > Jack Nicholson has been forgiven, because he called this week’s Peggy and Hanzee-heavy episode of Fargo, “Loplop,” the “best thing on TV in the last three years.”

At least until American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson, that is.

That means, according to master of horror Stephen King, this one episode of Fargo — which had a strong Misery vibe to it — is better than “Ozymandias,” and “Leslie and Ron,” and seasons three through five of Game of Thrones, and most impressively, the treadmill episode of Dexter. That’s high praise. My question is, why only “the last three years”? What happened in 2012 that blew Stephen King’s mind?

He named Borgen as his favorite show of the year, followed by Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and The Bridge, but c’mon, King, we know your real number one was Animal Practice. You heard it here first, folks: Stephen King prefers Animal Practice to Fargo. What a monster.