Stephen Moyer’s ‘Bastard Executioner’ Role May Remind You Of A ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Character

The Bastard Executioner‘s series premiere fast approaches, and the cast is revealing tidbits to entice viewers. Kurt Sutter already acknowledged how he upset some folks with the last season of Sons of Anarchy. The kinder, gentler Sutter would like to make amends with this new show.

As such, we’ve received hints at how a former Son may make an appearance, but that would probably happen far down the line. A better tease at this point is to reveal how Sutter shaped some characters in the image of SAMCRO. Enter Stephen Moyer, who plays Milus Corbett (and must enjoy playing a vastly different character in a vastly different landscape after HBO’s True Blood). Moyer spoke with Entertainment Weekly about how his role resembles Clay Morrow:

“I [took] a picture of me on my horse and I said, ‘This is my Harley Davidson.’ If you actually analyze it, a very simple first look, I’m Clay, and he’s [Lee Jones’ character] Jax. You can see that. But if you think about it, you can do that with any drama, really, and all the guys under him are his team, his gang, and I suppose in a funny way my boys who are working under me are an amalgam of the Sons boys, but they’re also antagonists. There’s definitely connections, and you see rhythms within his storytelling, which lead to Shakespearean tragedy in the same way that Sons was Hamlet with leathers. There were definitely traces of that within it.”

Moyer then reveals how, in Shakespearean terms, his character most resembles Iago in “the adviser capacity.” Moyer is well-versed in recognizing these similarities within Sutter’s work, as he was a die-hard fan of SOA. He and Anna Paquin nearly guest starred as an interesting duo, but scheduling difficulties prevented that dream from coming to fruition.

For the skeptics out there, Moyer assures the audience that Sutter is “extraordinary” at writing this period piece. In other words, Sutter is more than a writer who (by his own admission) came to rely upon a dead-end street to quickly push a script into action. The Bastard Executioner looks more and more promising as we near the September 15 FX premiere.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)