The Internet Is Laughing Too Hard To Take This ‘Stoner Sloth’ Anti-Drug PSA Seriously

A new anti-drug PSA, which hails from Australia’s New South Wales, is driving the internet into fits of tear-producing laughter. In the above video, you’ll glimpse exactly how hard this drug campaign is backfiring. The Aussie government misstepped by creating some hilariously ineffective ads, which may inspire the opposite effect. This “Stoner Sloth” anti-drug initiative doesn’t tell a cautionary tale by any stretch.

Instead, the Aussie government presented some awfully adorable sloths who enjoy their high too much to provide a deterrence. Sure, this campaign will bring attention to the cause, but not in the intended way. These sloths seem like the best Seth Rogen movie characters you ever encountered during huddled, joint-passing moments. Watching a sloth with the munchies at the dinner table is not terrifying but hilarious. The standardized testing and other “scary” moments have about the same effect. These characters aren’t something that kids will want to avoid, but rather, they will embrace these cuddly little critters.

Over on Twitter, the campaign’s #youreworseonweed and #fail hashtags are finding an audience eager to vent. Here are some reaction highlights from people who stopped shaking their heads long enough to meme this mess to pieces. Man, what an epic disaster, but these sloths are so cute.

(Via You’re Worse On Weed)