‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown Uses A Burrito To Turn Colbert Into A Rather Sinister Villain

Critics and fans alike fell head over heels for all of the nostalgia, story and breakout stars featured in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Even Uproxx‘s Steven Hyden couldn’t get enough of the show, especially Winona Ryder’s performance as a grieving mother. Unfortunately, like many new things in the age of peak TV and viral popularity, not everything is going to stick. In the case of Stranger Things, the villain Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) falls into this category, for as Hyden writes, the character “strikes a sinister posture in the early episodes” but ultimately “feels underutilized.”

Enter Late Show host Stephen Colbert, who interviewed Millie Bobby Brown — otherwise known as Eleven — on Tuesday night’s program. Before the two got together to discuss Millennial catchphrases and a crippling fear of sharks, however, they recreated one of her and Modine’s famous scenes. Colbert sat in as Dr. Brenner, complete with a white wig and eyebrows, and proceeded to test Eleven’s abilities. The first task? Feed papa.

And make a can of Coca Cola dance.

Modine’s Brenner is pretty terrible. After all, he turned an innocent child into a telekinetic (and possibly monstrous) weapon. Yet here’s good ol’ Stephen Colbert, forcing a child to feed him an “evenly warmed” and “spicy” burrito, then make a soda can dance for his enjoyment. That’s pretty sick.

For more, check out Colbert’s full interview with Brown below.