Netflix Probably Would Not Have Liked The Original Choice For The Pivotal ‘Stranger Things 3’ Song


[spoilers for Stranger Things 3]

One of the underrated heroes in Stranger Things season three is Suzie, Dustin’s Salt Lake City-based girlfriend who helps save the day (and the world) by telling him Planck’s Constant. But not before making her Dusty Bun sing “The NeverEnding Story,” the Giorgio Moroder-co-written theme song to the 1980s movie of the same name, with her. It’s a cute scene — and Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) has a Broadway-worthy voice — but it’s one that might have ticked off Netflix if producers had gone with their original song choice.

“We went through all the various songs they could sing,” co-creator Matt Duffer told Entertainment Weekly. “At one point, [Dustin and Suzie] were going to sing the Ent song from Lord of the Rings. Then we were like, ‘Oh, well, Amazon is making Lord of the Rings, that’s probably not going to go over well with Netflix.’ Then we came up, I think it was [Curtis Gwinn], our writer, who came up with I think a better idea, which was The NeverEnding Story theme song.”

Duffer is referring to Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series, which is, to use a reference not from the 1980s (sorry, Stranger Things), very expensive. Think of how much ice cream you could get from Scoops Ahoy for a billion bucks. Or you could go with the Erica method and ask for a billion free samples, instead.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)