‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Gets An Apocalyptic Poster And New Premiere Date

Finn Wolfhard (with a name like that, I’m still convinced he’s the villain in an ’80s ski comedy) teased that Stranger Things season two will be “more horror orientated” and “disturbing.” He’s not kidding: take a look at the poster Netflix just released; it’s like a Stephen King-meets-H. P. Lovecraft nightmare, with the All-American boys on bikes on the bottom (King) and a horrifying new monster in an apocalyptic swirl of clouds and lightning on top (Lovecraft).

The poster also reveals a new premiere date: October 27, not October 31 as was previously announced. That gives you plenty of time to watch all nine episodes (that’s one more than last season) and put together a topical costume before heading out on Halloween. You can do better than simply putting on Dustin’s hat or holding a box of Eggo waffles like Eleven.

Netflix didn’t give a reason for the premiere date change, but it’s a smart decision to release the season on a Friday, as opposed to a Tuesday, and it’s exactly two months after the finale for TV’s other most-anticipated show, Game of Thrones. That puts a lot of pressure on September 27. If NBC wants to move the premiere of The Good Place up one day, then 27 would immediately become my favorite number. Even with the negative connotations.