The ‘Succession’ Seven: Killing In The Name Of

The Succession Seven is a weekly power ranking of people and things on television’s most power-obsessed show. The rankings are not scientific, not even a little, and could fluctuate wildly from week to week. It’s all very subjective. And it’s my list. So, there.


Gerri, Frank, and Karl — I really, really love these three non-blood, non-partner members of Waystar Royco. There’s such a high-wire act going on with them. They need to be firm and strong to display the power Logan will respect, but they can’t push so hard that they alienate a legit Roy. The Scapegoat Breakfast was a classic display. There were so many times where they would float each other and then do the whole “Yes, it could be me, I am important enough to be a viable scalp, but what about…” thing that it became hilarious to me, like Sideshow Bob stepping on the rakes over and over and over. It was fascinating to watch each of them pray one of the others would be the first to name an actual family member. The self-preservation instincts in all of them are so strong. Especially with Karl. I adore that slime-coated yes man.

Connor and Willa — The Bad News: Willa’s play got absolutely destroyed in the reviews, Conner got absolutely destroyed by Logan, Connor might not be able to get that $100 million dollar bailout from Logan now, people think so little of Connor that his attempt to sacrifice himself as a kind of shadow puppet master was laughed off as a joke by everyone. The Good News: Connor is a meme now?


Karolina — Did you see her face after Kendall’s press conference? That was the face of a woman who knows her job is going to suuuuuuuuck very much in the very near and foreseeable future. She probably had other job offers. She could have left for a less stressful gig with less to cover-up and explain. But now she’s stuck reporting back to Logan. Not going to be a fun phone call!

Jaime — There’s something to be said for speaking your piece and then immediately bailing on a speedboat.