Can We Take A Minute To Talk About What’s Going On With ‘The Blacklist’?

After five weeks or so, The Blacklist is now the highest rated new show of the fall season. Much of that has to do with the fact that it follows The Voice on NBC, part of it has to do with James Spader, and a little of it has to do with the fact that it’s also a decent show (for a network drama). In fact, while I don’t love it, I think it’s better than Agents of SHIELD so far, although both shows have fallen into their middling case-of-the-week ruts. But I give the edge to The Blacklist because 1) I like James Spader’s character slightly more than Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson, and 2) the series long arc is much, much more interesting than the seemingly non-existent one on Agents of SHIELD.

If there’s any mystery on SHIELD, it’s how Agent Coulson managed to return from the dead, and maybe in the identities of Generic Attractive Brunette’s parents. But the much more compelling mystery is what’s going on with Generic Gttractive Brunette’s husband on The Blacklist. That mystery deepened this week, so much so that every great once in a while, this series shows glimmers of Alias goodness. What is going on with that guy, Tom Keen?

Clearly, he’s up to no good, right? Even if he’s not in bed Gina Zanetakos, a name that makes me hungry every time I hear it. He’s got a certain Will Tippin quality, but he’s pretty convincing as an innocent social studies teacher. I suspect, however, that he and Spader’s Red are some kind of nemeses.

Speaking of Red, everyone wanted to believe that his connection to Generic Attractive Brunette was that he is her father, but after six episodes, I think we can put that theory to rest. It’s way too obvious, even for a network show, but I do like the way it keeps hinting at that as a kind of misdirection. That said, if he’s not the father, then what the hell is he? Why is he so attached to Lizzie? If he’s using her to get to Tom Keen, it doesn’t make sense that he’d also develop an emotional attachment.

All of which is to say, I don’t hate this show. Although all the FBI agents are incompetent, and bad decisions continue to drive the plots, but I’m genuinely curious to find out what’s going on between Red/Lizzie/Tom, even though I am 97 percent certain that it will ultimately be a disappointing revelation.

Anyone else watching it and/or want to hazard a guess as to the connections? Theories? I’m genuinely curious, because I am at a loss. Is there a discussion here to be had, or is it just not worth it?

Oh, and in case you didn’t recognize the guy in the photo at the end of this week’s episode, that was Skinny Pete. I look forward to his appearance.