A ‘Bridgerton’ Star Feels Very Differently Than Sydney Sweeney When It Comes To Watching Her Own Nude Scenes

Sydney Sweeney is casual enough about her nude scenes that she invites her family over for Euphoria viewing parties. Her dad and grandfather may have walked out of the room, but her grandma is a “big fan,” she once said. “I bring her usually all over the world to my different sets, and I make her an extra.” Sweeney’s grandmother even thinks she has the “best t*ts in Hollywood.”

Not everyone is as comfortable with getting nude on screen, however.

During a recent appearance on Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up, Bridgerton actress Nicola Coughlan was asked about the “saucy” scenes on the Netflix series. “I remember reading that Sydney Sweeney was like, in any of the TV shows or movies, she’s done she’s like, ‘Whatever. My parents love it.’ My parents would not love it,” host Nicole Ryan said. Coughlan replied, “No, no. You grow up Irish Catholtic… that’s just not how we vibe.” She even asked for a PG-rated cut of the show to watch her family.

It all dates to her mother’s surprise at the show’s nudity upon watching season one. “When she first saw Bridgerton, she didn’t know it was gonna be so saucy,” Coughlan recalled. “And then you get a bottom, Jonathan Bailey’s lovely bottom, about two minutes into the first episode ever. And she was like, ‘What is this?’ But then, now she thinks it’s fantastic and really funny, and she keeps talking about bottoms.”

Bridgerton returns to Netflix for season three on May 16.

(Via Cinemablend)