Sydney Sweeney Says Some Family Members Turned Off ‘Euphoria’ And Walked Out Of The Room

Even supportive parents have their limits. Just ask Sydney Sweeney. The acclaimed actress first came to prominence on Euphoria, HBO’s beyond racy teen drama, on which she plays popular girl Cassie. She’s done a fair amount of risqué business on the show, and she’s never shied away from it. Too bad she didn’t tell some of her family members before they casually sat down to watch it.

In an interview with Today airing this weekend (as caught by Entertainment Weekly), Sweeney says that her mom knew what her daughter was getting up to on set. But her father? “Yeah, I didn’t prepare my dad,” she said. “At all.”

Sweeney added, “I mean, how do you bring it up in conversation? And also, when I talk to my dad, it’s usually not about work. We talk, like, father-daughter conversations. He decided he was going to watch it, without telling me, with his parents.

So how did that go? “My dad and my grandpa turned it off and walked out,” Sweeney explained. “But my grandma is a big supporter of mine. She’s a big fan of mine. Actually I bring her, usually, all over the world to my different sets and I make her an extra.”

Indeed, Sweeney has said before that some of her older relatives think very highly of her.

(Via Today and EW)