The ‘Tales From The Crypt’ Reboot May Not Be All That You’re Hoping For

Yesterday, news broke that TNT was rebooting Tales From the Crypt. To shepherd this nostalgia unicorn into the paddock so that we can all give it a pet, the network tapped twist master M. Night Shyamalan — which was, if you think about it, quite a twist in and of itself. And maybe also a disappointment if you’re not a fan of his body of work. But with bold choices come new possibilities, so I’m sure plenty of people are curious about Shyamalan’s vision for the anthology series and how it will mesh with the stable of filmmakers that he’s going to bring in to put their own stamp on The Crypt Keeper and the show’s pulpy horror stories. Right?

Here’s the thing: according to Bloody Disgusting, the Crypt Keeper isn’t going to be the one welcoming us all in every episode:

Instead, the new show will be highlighted by an old man with a cane, wearing a hood, and keeping warm by a fireplace. This is more in tune with the original EC comic.

And in case you’re wondering, John Kassir, the man who supplied the Crypt Keeper’s voice (aka, his soul,) doesn’t tweet like a man who just got a job and he doesn’t seem thrilled:


If this is all true, then that’s a huge shocker only one day after the internet was fat with Crypt Keeper images atop the news of the show’s rebirth; but this seems like it boils down to simple business. Remember when you thought it weird that TNT and not HBO was mounting this resurrection? This appears to be the kind of entanglement that arises from such a situation. HBO owns the Crypt Keeper and they’re not sharing. But wait, there’s more from the report:

The original plan, whether it’s changed or not, was to film it “American Horror Story”-style, and have 13 episodes of one storyline per season.

I know: rabble rabble rabble, but why? Is there value in the Tales From the Crypt name and the original EC comics stories (which will reportedly be pushed aside for a tale about voodoo in New Orleans)? Obviously, but isn’t that value negated when you strip the thing of all that it once was, alienating fans? Isn’t it, at that point, less valuable than an all-new horror series from M. Night Shyamalan?

The unfulfilled wish for a full reboot of HBO’s take on Tales From the Crypt isn’t the real blow in the ass, though. It’s the possibility that this show won’t be a showcase for interesting filmmakers and a proving ground for actors who want to get into directing, as the original was – thanks to its anthology structure. The show culture allowed the whole thing to have a really interesting and creatively diverse vibe that can’t easily exist in the American Horror Story structure.

All in all, these rumors make the whole thing seem like a really strange and maybe tone-deaf way to take on Tales From the Crypt, but maybe the end result will be something different that still captivates in the way that the original did. Rabble rabble? Alright, rabble.

Source: Bloody Disgusting