‘Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander Explains How He Ended Up In A Music Video With A Not-Yet-Wildly-Famous Taylor Swift

Want to watch the most 2007-ass music video ever? Check out “Online” by Brad Paisley. A pizza delivery driver, played by Jason Alexander, watches webcam footage of a Paisley concert on his blue iBook; he later makes a fake MySpace profile and there’s Matrix-style digital rain falling behind the country star. But the most 2007 thing of all is one of Paisley’s backup singers and dancers is none other than Taylor Alison Swift.

Alexander explained how the cameo together during an interview on Tuesday’s episode of The View. “I became friendly with Brad Paisley and he asked me to direct and be in a video of his called ‘Online.’ We had to shoot concert footage of him doing that song and me doing that song,” he explained. “His band was all guys and I said, ‘You have no women here.’ And he said, ‘Well, we have these two girls. Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler are my opening acts.’ I went, ‘Well, if they’re happy, get them, let them be on it.'”

Taylor Swift wasn’t TAYLOR SWIFT when she was in the “Online” video. She had released her self-titled debut (don’t sleep on “I’m Only Me When I’m with You”), but her breakthrough album, Fearless, wouldn’t come out until 2009. But Alexander knew she was already a rock star. “I had seen her act. [She and Pickler] came out and so I put her in, I think, her first video.” (Almost, but not quite). The Seinfeld star joked, “And her success is all me.”

Take five minutes and 51 seconds and transport back to 2007.

(Via Decider)