You’re Turd Flu: The 15 Meanest, Funniest, And Most Vicious Lines From This Week’s ‘Veep’

The pendulum is swinging back the other way for Vice President Meyer, who has not only become embroiled in the POTUS’s scandal, but now she’s considered a liar (“Meyer the Liar,” to be exact). It wasn’t a good time, then, to be meeting with her husband at her daughter’s 21st birthday party because the press already knows that her relationship with her ex-husband during the campaign was a lie. That played straight into the night’s narrative, when Meyer was forced to keep up appearances while her husband was “fluffing and f**king her,” revealing that his firm had been donating to her opponent’s campaign during the election. Compound that with a budget deal that Meyer pushed through, which the POTUS abandoned at the last second, and Meyer had a terrible day at the office. Fortunately, it looks like she did end the day by getting laid.

Elsewhere, the highlight of the episode was actually Amy’s date to the 21st birthday party, Ed (Zach Woods), who managed to be funnier in three minutes of Veep than in his entire run as Gabe from The Office, delivering devastating justice to Jonah (and Dan, in the deleted scenes, which are below). Another great episode, even if it was a political set back for the Vice President, who — as Jonah inappropriately suggested — looked damn hot at that party. She is 52, y’all, and has never looked hotter than in Veep.

Let’s jump right into the night’s best lines.

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