The 20 ‘Seinfeld’-isms You’re Most Likely To Hear In Everyday Conversation

It’s  difficult to go a day without relating my life to an episode of Seinfeld. Whether it’s encountering the hundreds of identifiable characters like the Uncle Leos of the world while living in New York, sitting next to a hockey fan with his face fully painted like David Puddy on the subway, or somehow finagling my way into awkward scenarios like playing Trivial Pursuit with bubble boy– it never ceases to stop. But that’s what happens when a show infiltrates the American psyche, while simultaneously providing a lexicon to describe the world around us, like Seinfeld has. Here we take a look at 20 Seinfeld-isms we use to describe our lives every day.

1. High Talker

Everyday use: “Every time Mark talks glass shatters. He’s a high talker.”

2. Unshushables

Everyday use: “No matter what I said to the kids they wouldn’t be quiet. They were the unshushables.”

3. Trifecta

Everyday use: “I will probably never achieve the trifecta.”

4. In the Vault

Everyday use: “Remember that time in Vegas? Yeah, that’s staying in the vault.”

5. The Bro/Manssiere

Everyday use: “Have you seen the men walking around here? Just about all of them could use the bro.”

6. Low Talker

Everyday use:  “It’s like everything she was telling me was a secret. She was a low talker.”

7. Festivus

Everyday use: “Are you going to that Festivus celebration in Williamsburg?”

8. Schmoopie

Everyday use:  You’ll hear this every time you’re third wheeling it for the night.

9. Mulva

Everyday use: Used anytime you can’t remember someone’s name you just met.

10. Moops

Everyday use: Used anytime your friend is being a know it all.

11. Two-face

Everyday use: “Everything was fine at the movies, but then we went outside and it was total two-face.”

12. Master of My Domain

Everyday use: “Just think, none of these people are the masters of their domains.”

13. Man Hands

Everyday use: “It was like I was an infant shaking hands with the president, she had man hands.”

14. Close Talker

Everyday use: “I hope she didn’t eat garlic hummus tonight, she’s a close talker.”

15. Spongeworthy

Everyday use: “Is anyone at this bar really spongeworthy?”

16. Re-Gifter

Everyday use: “I gave Season 1 of The Drew Carey Show to Steve last Christmas, and he just gave it to you? He’s a re-gifter!”

17. Double-Dip

Everyday use: “I hate sharing chips with Janine, she double-dips every time.”

18. Shrinkage

Everyday use: “Every time I’m taking my clothes off for the first time I have to worry about you know… shrinkage.”

19. Soup Nazi

Everyday use: “Mitch won’t share any of his chips, he’s being such a Soup Nazi.”

20. Yada Yada Yada

Everyday use: “We went out for coffee, and then yada yada yada, I was taking the B train home for the evening.”