The 20 TV GIFs We’re Eternally Thankful For

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11.26.14 32 Comments
Last week, Danger asked y’all what pop culture things you are thankful for from this year. I, naturally, listed a couple of GIFs, many of which weren’t from 2014. Give me a break — I’ll be thankful for “COCAINE IS AMAZING. I GIVE IT A MILLION STARS” for the next 27 Thanksgivings, and you should, too. Anyway, that question inspired me to collect some TV show GIFs that I either use or think about at least once every day. Now, this post could be at least 150 entries long, but I kept it to a more reasonable 20, even at the sake of leaving off UPROXX favorites like You’re the Worst and Rick and Morty. What GIFs are you thankful for?

1. Arrested Development

2. Parks and Recreation

3. Bob’s Burgers

4. Eastbound & Down

5. Fargo

6. Justified

7. Seinfeld

8. The Office

9. Mad Men

10. Review

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