‘The Americans’ May Have An Ending In Sight As We Get A Glimpse At Season 4

As if there aren’t enough reasons to be excited about the current, vast TV landscape, we’re now roughly two months out from the return of one of the medium’s crown jewels, The Americans.

Ads have been running for a little while teasing us about what’s in store for the Jennings clan. And the recent news that co-stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are expecting their first child added an extra layer of curiosity as to what potential twists may be in store for the series, which will air its fourth season premiere on March 16 on FX.

Friday, members of the cast along with series executive producer Joel Fields hit up the TV Critics Association press tour outside L.A. and shed some light on what we’ll be seeing come the start of the new season as well as a longer view of the series as a whole.

On that note, Fields noted that if you look at The Americans through the prism of a traditional, three-act structure, the show is approaching the end of the second act now that season four is just around the corner, and telling the whole story will take “five or six seasons.” This means we can expect at least one more year of intrigue regarding Phillip, Elizabeth and the rest of the cast.

Season three’s most palpable development was Paige, Phillip and Elizabeth’s teenage daughter, discovering her parents’ true identity. The season finale featured Paige, played by Holly Taylor, blabbing her and her family’s secret to her church group leader, Pastor Tim.

“The secrets have been unleashed in the house,” Fields said somewhat cryptically, as per Vulture, “and they have to be dealt with.”

Other storylines, including the relationship between Phillip and his phony wife/unwitting informant Martha (Allison Wright) and the couple’s testy bond with their Soviet handlers Gabriel and Claudia (Frank Langella and Margo Martindale) will be further developed as well. March 16 can’t come soon enough.

(via Vulture)