Jeremy Allen White Shared His Dream Guest Stars For ‘The Bear’ (Sorry, Richie, It’s Not Taylor Swift)

The Bear is always stressful, but the FX show reached peak anxiety in the season two episode, “Fishes.” That’s the one with all the guest stars, including Bob Odenkirk, Sarah Paulson, John Mulaney, Gillian Jacobs, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Unless your stocking is full of Tums, I do not recommend watching this Christmas-set episode with your family during the holidays.

Jeremy Allen White, who plays Carmy, told Deadline that he hopes season three of The Bear has another episode “where “we can get as many [guest stars] to come back for one day.” He also revealed his dream guest stars: Sam Rockwell and John Turturro. Honestly? It’s shocking that it’s taken this long for Turturro to be on The Bear. Just keep his nasty foot away from the show.

The Bear casting director Jeanie Bacharach told Uproxx how the guest star spots came together. “I think that it meant a lot that Bob Odenkirk and Sarah Paulson and John Mulaney and Gillian Jacobs said yes to one episode. You just don’t get that. It wasn’t about money, it was getting to come play in this sandbox,” she said. “I guess it’s a long way of saying when people say yes, it’s because they’re coming for the right reason. It’s about wanting to come and be a part of this world and these characters.”

Is it too much to ask for a Taylor Swift cameo? Richie would like it.

The Bear is expected to return in 2024.

(Via Deadline)