The Best Of Community’s ‘Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism’ GIFS

Line of the Night: “I wish there was a word to describe the pleasure I feel at viewing other’s misfortune.” — Nick Kroll’s German foosball player

I’ll put aside all the highfalutin, newfangled critic-speak I’ve amassed over the years and describe last night’s episode of “Community” simply this way: It was sick. I want to take last night’s episode behind the bat cave get it pregnant with the Wonder Twins. That was some choice teevee, the kind of “Community” episode that both newcomers and enthusiasts alike could appreciate. Nick Kroll pooped comedic gold in his German trousers, Alison Brie melted our hearts with those innocent wide eyes, and then Big Cheddar brought down the house.

Up your ass, turkey, indeed.

I’ll spare you the particulars, which you can relive below, except to say that while last night’s didn’t quite match the level of the alternate timeline ep earlier this fall, it approached it. It could see its vinegar strokes. I’ll leave you with these, a GIF slideshow with which you can make sweet, sweet mouse-clicking love.

This is my favorite: An Inspector Spacetime poster in the background.