The Brief ’30 Rock’ Scene You Might Have Missed That Revealed Dr. Spaceman’s ‘Famous Clients’

02.27.15 4 years ago 10 Comments


You can catch every single episode of 30 Rock on Netflix. I know because I’ve been re-watching them all. Although the show loses steam during its latter years, there’s no question that the Emmy-winning comedy is one of the funniest shows ever created. Its mix of oddball humor and smart laughs were potent, and it helped that there was a quotable Tracy Jordan line every episode.

The second season saw Jenna gain a good amount of weight. She bounced back and forth between losing it and taking advantage of it, especially in the second episode. One of 30 Rock‘s most outrageous characters was Dr. Leo Spaceman (pronounced speech-a-men), played excellently by SNL alum Chris Parnell. Not only was he a terrible doctor, his advice was outright dangerous, yet still hilarious.

In a scene that lasts only a few seconds, Spaceman points to a wall that contains his “famous clients,” and if you blinked, you missed it. I froze it just for you, so check it out below.


  • Who the hell is King Hollywood? I did some research, and either it’s an inside joke, or just a piece of ridiculousness.
  • Alf makes perfect sense. He is a “Spaceman.”
  • Kenny Rogers has had a lot of plastic surgery. Did Spaceman really do it?
  • Ashley Simpson is probably up there because around this time, she completely bombed at an SNL taping.
  • Who the hell is King Hollywood? I really want to know!
  • The Unabomber picture is both hilarious and unnerving.
  • Orrin Hatch — the guy in the suit — has been a senator since 1977, and he once compared homosexuals to Nazis.
  • The very top left photo looks like it says “Vicky Michie”, but no luck in finding if that’s correct or who it actually refers to.

30 Rock, still the best.

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