The Clintons Binge-Watched ‘House Of Cards,’ Which Must Have Been Super Weird For The Clintons

06.04.14 8 Comments

Hillary Clinton did a little fluffy cover story with People magazine about becoming a grandmother and having some free time since stepping down as Secretary of State and whatever other humanizing details she wants to get across to the American voting public, which is all fine and good and politics as usual, but she also revealed one tidbit that has completely fascinated me since I read it earlier today: She and Bill binge-watched House of Cards together.

Clinton provided a glimpse into her life as a private citizen these past 16 months, even dishing on organizing her closets and binge-watching TV.

“Oh, that was good, too,” she said, describing a little self-consciously how she and her husband Bill “totally binge-watched” the first season of House of Cards. Part of the appeal, she explained, was “a little bit of the, ‘Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe we can just sit here and do this’ and ‘We’re only going to watch one episode, oh, let’s watch another. Okay, well, we have time, we’re not going anywhere, let’s watch a third.’ I know that sounds kind of devoid of content.”

Stick with me here.

Season 1 of House of Cards was about a powerful, charismatic Southern politician who is married to a whip-smart, ambitious blonde woman. Their marriage is as much about convenience and teaming up to conquer Washington as it is about love. Eventually, a few episodes into the season, this powerful, charismatic Southern politician — who also, by the way, enjoys soul food and is popular with black people — begins a torrid affair with an attractive younger woman who took steps to insert herself into his life, and who is often associated with a memorable dress.

Okay, now picture the Clintons — Bill and Hillary, together — laying in bed next to each other and watching all of that play out in front of them. Bill making bedroom eyes at the screen every time Zoe Barnes shows up, Hillary making death eyes at Bill. IT MUST HAVE BEEN SO WEIRD. Can you even imagine them talking to their friends about it?

HILLARY: Oh, yeah. Bill and I love House of Cards. My favorite character is Claire. What a bright, straight shooter that woman is. Why, she’d make a better politician than Frank, I bet, if she hadn’t agreed to put his career ahead of hers. And then Frank went to run around with that … that floozy. You know what? I’m glad Claire cheated on him with that photographer. GOOD, I say. He’s ruining EVERYTHING. Just wait till SHE gets her turn to be president 20 years later. I’l-… She’ll be the best president this stupid country has ever seen.


I must know more about this. Someone else ask the Clintons about House of Cards.

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