The Complete ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Timeline Of Mac’s Repressed Homosexuality

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03.13.16 36 Comments
mac always sunny in philadelphia


Of the respective idiosyncrasies of The Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang — such as Charlie being illiterate and Dennis being a sexual predator — one of the funnier running gags throughout the series has been Mac’s latent homosexuality. At this point in the series they’re not even dancing around the issue. In Wednesday night’s “The Gang Group Dates,” at one point Dennis refers to Mac as “the gay one” and at another point when he turns to Mac and tells him that he derives his self worth from “convincing himself that he’s tough and straight,” Mac fires back “I am tough.”

Of course, what makes the joke work is that Mac himself is probably the only one that doesn’t know that Mac is gay. If he were just a guy struggling to bottle up his homosexuality, that would just be depressing, and a different kind of show. But as a strict Catholic, Mac has repressed his homosexuality so much that he doesn’t even understand his infatuation with badass tough guys is because he wants to have sex with them. When Mac says to Dennis, “I am tough,” he’s not intentionally leaving out the straight part — he’s just so reactionary to Dennis’ affront to his masculinity that he doesn’t even hear it.

FXX has renewed Always Sunny for two more seasons following the 10th, which I can only assume will finally be the series’ last, and I’m really hoping before it ends we get an episode called “Mac Realizes He’s Gay.” Until then, I’ve put together this timeline that outlines Mac’s homosexuality as it bubbles ever closer to the surface.

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