The ‘Daily Show’ Pretty Much Slammed The Door On The Stop-And-Frisk Debate Last Night

God, when the Daily Show is good, it is so, so good. Case in point: a federal judge recently ruled that NYC’s “stop-and-frisk” program — which basically gave NYPD officers the green light to, well, stop and frisk anyone they cared to — was unconstitutional and violated the rights of thousands of black and latino New Yorkers.

To help the white folk watching at home comprehend just how troubling this program was to minorities, John Oliver put in terms that they could understand.

You know how we feel at the airport, when the TSA is patting us down, unnecessarily delaying us, looking for weapons we obviously don’t have? Well, imagine your entire neighborhood is Terminal B at LaGuardia, and the TSA agents sometimes talk to you like this: “Um, boarding pass please and what the f*ck are you looking at?”

Later, Jessica Williams journeyed down to Wall Street, aka “the White Bronx” or “Business Harlem,” where she lobbied for white men in suits to be profiled by the police for random stops.

“It is a hard fact that white collar crime is disproportionately committed by people who fit a certain profile,” Williams said. “So if you’re a, say, white, Upper East Side billionaire with ties to the financial industry like Michael Bloomberg, you’ve just gotta accept being roughed up by the police every once in a while.”

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