The Ending Of Today’s Fox & Friends Was Utter Chaos, Involved Guy Fieri And A Cake Thief

There is so much going on in this Fox & Friends clip, I don’t even know where to begin trying to describe it. Here, however, are the main points.

1. Guy Fieri is on set for some reason, naturally, which sort of foreshadows something ridiculous happens, now that I look back on it.

2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck suddenly appears from off-camera running down 48th street with a birthday cake for co-host Brian Kilmeade in her hand, which is held high in the air.

3. Steve Doocy is being a massive tool, as is his proclivity.

4. Suddenly, just as Hasselbeck is about to enter the set with the cake, someone in the crowd snatches the cake from her and smashes himself in the face with it, spraying icing and cake residue all over Hasselbeck in the process.

5. Doocy and Fieri wipe Hasselbeck’s face clean, though creepily pointing out that it looks as though a person made of cake had jizzed all over her face.

6. Brian Kilmeade is nowhere to be found throughout the entire clip.

Just another day on Fox & Friends!

(Via Mediaite)