The First Line In The ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Is About A Fictitious Sex Act

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07.19.13 6 Comments

The luckiest or unluckiest SOBs in the world, depending on your feelings about standing outside for roughly seven days so you can be within mere hundreds of feet of TV folk, were treated to the first footage of the Veronica Mars movie earlier today during Comic-Con. Mmm…but tell me more about these allegedly fictitious sex acts.

Kristen Bell delivered the first line of the film, which starts in a bar: “Charming drink names. I can’t decide between a Beast with Two Backs or a Donkey Punch.”

Bell later went on to talk about how easy it is delivering Veronica’s lines because of the talent of Rob Thomas and some crazy connection. It usually only takes one read-through to memorize. (Via)

Hey, speaking of butts, creator Rob Thomas compared the film to the fart of the Godfather series.

In the film, Mars returns to her hometown of Neptune, Calif., to meet up with her old pals for their high school reunion and solve another mystery.

“I can tell you it sorta has a Godfather III theme to it, which seems odd,” said Thomas. “Why not pick Godfather II? It was a better movie.” (Via)

“Just when I thought I was out…they donkey punch me back in.” More on the panel here.

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