Robbie Amell May Have Just Massively Spoiled ‘The Flash’

Robbie Amell is coming back to The Flash as an evil version of Firestorm a few weeks from now. And apparently he’s going to be even more evil than we thought. Spoilers below!

For those who don’t like spoilers, please enjoy this GIF of The Flash being slow on the meme uptake before you head out:

All gone? Good. Amell admitted that Deathstorm is going to bump off somebody, and not a minor character either:

In episode 13, so in a couple weeks, you’ll see me as Deathstorm, and Caitlin as Killer Frost. So I get to come back, and I kill a series regular. So there’s that, I’m probably going to get in trouble for saying that.

By the way, this happens to be the episode where we finally see Danielle Panabaker play the supervillain Killer Frost, so that may be a factor. Also, the show has emphasized that everyone in the main cast has an Earth-2 counterpart in recent trailers, which they used to bring back Harrison Wells and, next week, the Reverse Flash. so while somebody might bite it in the episode, the character will probably still be around in some form. Assisting this theory is the fact that the episode Amell appears in is called “Welcome To Earth-2.”

As for who might get bumped off, we’ll just have to see, but everybody, or at least their counterpart is on the table. And you have to wonder how Earth-2 Barry, who appears to be mooning over his sorta-sister just like his Earth-One counterpart, might take the death of Iris. Enough to become a evil speedster himself, perhaps?

(Via Comic Book)

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