The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Premiere Was Its Highest Rated Episode Yet

The pilot episode of Game of Thrones was watched by 2.2 million people. To put that figure into terms fans of the show can understood, that’s House Swyft compared to the Lannister-esque numbers the series regularly pulls in now. Four episodes last season were seen by seven million-plus, and the fifth season premiere, “The War to Come,” even topped that.

Nielsen estimates than an average audience of about 8 million watched the initial telecast of Game of Thrones on Sunday, up 1.16 million viewers (or 17%) from its year-ago debut of 6.84 million. It’s also about 800,000 more than any other episode of the show to date. (Via)

Thrones‘ ridiculous viewership — the only comparable series is The Walking Dead, but that’s on “basic cable,” not “premium cable” — also helped boost Silicon Valley, which set its own ratings record with 2.13 million disappointed Snapchat users. No wonder HBO wants Dany and her dragons for more than seven seasons — not even a leak can stop them right now.

Via: Variety