Michael Schur’s New Comedy ‘The Good Place’ Was Inspired By ‘Lost’

Jack Bauer is the president, MacGyver is back, and dogs can talk, but those premises sound downright ho-hum compared to The Good Place, one of the most promising looking network shows of the fall season. Michael Schur’s comedy begins with a woman named Eleanor (played by the always wonderful Kristen Bell) dying after getting hit by a truck carrying erectile dysfunction products. She enters “the good place,” where her ever-chipper mentor Michael (Ted Danson) resides, but it’s all one big misunderstanding: Eleanor’s kind of a dick, and she was mistaken for another Eleanor who saved innocent people from death row. Her being in the “good place” causes bad things to happen.

It sounds bonkers enough to work.

Schur, who also created Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the “tremendous” blog Fire Joe Morgan (which isn’t a TV show, but should be) and married Regis Philbin’s daughter (!), told TV Guide that “Lost is a spiritual ancestor of this show. I think that there’s no more exciting or rewarding thing for a viewer of TV than when a show hooks you in like that.” This begs the question: are there fish biscuits in Heaven, I mean, the “good place”?

We’ll find out on Monday, Sept. 19, when the show premieres.

(Via TV Guide)