The Guys Behind ‘Super Troopers’ And ‘Beerfest’ Are Developing A TBS Comedy

Here’s some interesting news that you could take one of two ways, depending on how you choose to look at the entertainment industry, and life, in general: Broken Lizard, the comedy group behind cult-ish favorites like Super Troopers and Beerfest, is developing a new comedy series for TBS. According to Variety, the show is titled Quality Time and “follows the now-adult (well, at least older) versions of the group as they struggle through various challenges of adult misery and child rearing and attempt to hang on to the idiotic freedom of their irresponsible pre-parental lives.”

Which brings us to the two ways you can take this news:

The guys from Super Troopers are making a sitcom for TBS! Like, as in, “Wow, TBS actually landed someone with decent comedy credentials.” Outside of Conan and Cougar Town, TBS ain’t exactly been setting the world on fire comedically, no matter what their “Very Funny” slogan would like you to believe. And even Cougar Town is a bit of a stretch at this point. If you look at this news like that, this is a major get.


The guys from Super Troopers are making a sitcom for TBS? As in, “Oof. They’re doing a TBS show now. That’s sad.” Same sentence about Cougar Town and “Very Funny” applies, it’s just viewed from the flipside.

So, yeah. I tend to fall into the first camp because I’m an optimist, but you wouldn’t be totally out of line if you read that second thing and started nodding your head.