The Internet’s Funniest Reactions To The Flaccid ‘True Blood’ Series Finale

When the best thing about an episode of television, let alone an episode of television that happens to be a series finale, is the song that plays over the end credits, that’s probably not a good thing. Actually, it’s DEFINITELY not a good thing, because it happened in the last-ever episode of True Blood, “Thank You,” which bowed out with the Led Zeppelin song of the same name. There was very little violence, no nudity, and a laughable lack of dramatic tension (though I appreciate the unintentional implication that Bill and Sookie are to blame for everything that’s gone wrong in Bon Temps. Once he’s dead — I’m disappointed that the Hep-V didn’t turn him into human so when Sookie stakes him, he’d bleed out like a mortal — everything is dandy). “Thank You” was the worst kind of finale; it was boring.

Luckily, the Internet stepped in and ripped it apart, a la Dexter. Here are our favorite reactions.

I was expecting Sookie’s husband to turn around and end the show like this, with an evil laugh.

True Blood writers

Petition for an Eric and Pam Spinoff

Facebook Reacts

After Watching the Finale

Not Like This

“George R.R. Martin”s reaction

I Think This Is Sookie’s Bearded Husband.

The only thing missing was a treadmill.

The Zoolander Homage the World Needed

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