The Last Creed Fan (and the Morning Links)

05.02.12 7 years ago 5 Comments

5 Reasons “Mythbusters” Is One of the Best Nerd Shows On TV — The first commenter beat me to it, but “#6. Kari Byron.” Just pretend that comment and user “Jacktion” don’t exist. (Gamma Squad)

5 Albums Coming Out This Week That Don’t Suck — A new column I’m doing for the mothership. Be kind, take a look. (Uproxx)

Twitter Reacts to the News That Jessica Simpson Finally Had Her Baby — Little known fact, Tony Romo is the daddy. You could tell because the baby fumbled out of Jessica. /Leno’d (Uproxx)

10 Amazing Predictions For This Week In Sports — The Mets will lose last night. (With Leather)

Your Mid-Week Guide to DVD and Streaming: Another Excuse to Use That Gina Carano GIFThat GIF is wonderful, better than Haywire, in fact. (Film Drunk)

New Logo, New Look for the Brooklyn Nets — Same sh*tty team, too. (Smoking Section)

The 25 Most Annoying Animals In Your Office — (BuzzFeed)

17 Bizarre/Awesome Prom Photo — (HuffPo)

15 Best Web Contents of the Week — (Adult Swim)

That’s Not a Camel Toe, It’s a Hoof — (Fark)

8 Steps to Cashing in on Your Micro-Celebrity, the Saddest Job Title Since Freelance Writer — (Pajiba)

TV Show Having Tough Time Finding “Real Boobs” In Miami — (Guy Speed)

Five Directors Who Should Make a Sci-Fi Movie — (Unreality Mag)

727 Airliner Crashes in Desert for Your Entertainment — (Bro Bible)

The Dark Knight Rises‘ Awesomely Complex Viral Marketing Campaign — (The Week)

The Time Groucho Marx Did the Charleston on Hitler’s Grave — (Mental Floss)

Whole World Bummed About Duran Duran Playing the Olympics — (Death + Taxes)

Game of Brews: “Game of Thrones” Gets the Beer T-Shirt Treatment — (The High Definite)

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