Turns Out HBO’s Adaptation Of ‘The Last Of Us’ Might Be Doing A Lot More Of… Us

Season one of The Last Of Us just wrapped up last month, but fans are already eagerly awaiting any sort of news regarding the internet’s second-favorite father-child duo led by Pedro Pascal. Everyone’s first favorite duo is actually still kickin’ around the galaxy over on Disney+.

Craig Mazin, the showrunner for the hit HBO series, recently spoke at NAB Las Vegas, where he confirmed that there is “quite a bit of story to tell” in the post-apocalyptic non-zombie wasteland, implying that they have enough content to span several seasons and give the viewers even more questions. Like, for instance, how did they manage to have Makena for sale at the abandoned American Girl Doll Store when she wasn’t introduced until 2012? These are the crucial plot points fans are looking for.

Even though a second season is confirmed, Mazin hints that there will be more than just one more batch of emotionally-draining episodes to come. “Our plan is to do it not just for one more season,” Mazin confirmed to the crowd. “We should be around for a while,” he said. “Should” is the operative word here, because who knows what HBO Max will look like in the coming years.

Details regarding season two have also been sparse, but Mazin said that the scripts are still being written and shooting is expected to take place in British Columbia, because everyone knows that fungi-infested humans can’t resist their Timbits.

Mazin isn’t the only one who is on board with more seasons, as Bella Ramsay (Ellie) has previously said that there is “no limit” to how many seasons she would sign on for, meaning we could see an elderly Ellie battling fungi dudes for possibly decades to come!

(Via Deadline)