‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 3: All The Details You Need To Know For The New Season (Update For April 2024)

Netflix scored a home run when they decided to revive The Lincoln Lawyer following the 2011 movie starring Matthew McConaughey. The Mickey Haller character, of course, is based upon the leading man of Michael Connelly’s book series of the same name. Those books also happened to give birth to Detective Harry Bosch, who has been inhabiting his own rapidly expanding universe on Amazon. It must be noted that technically is no connection between the Amazon and Netflix productions, although both half-brothers remain popular with viewers who are aching for more.

With that said, The Lincoln Lawyer‘s third season had cameras rolling for months, and Mickey (portrayed by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo on Netflix) would probably still prefer running his law practice from his car’s back seat. However, Mickey had to put down office roots in the Netflix production, but what hasn’t changed during the show is that Manuel Garcia-Rulfo has come into his own as Mickey Haller. McConaughwho? Before we get too cheeky, let’s get down to business on what to expect next from the legal iconoclastic-idealist.


This third season will be based upon Connelly’s fifth The Lincoln Lawyer book, The Gods of Guilt. Many new characters (and corresponding actors, as we will discuss momentarily) will be on the scene, but the book begins with Mickey receiving a text message of “187” referring to California’s penal code for murder. Mickey is tied to the murder victim, who is a former client and an ex-prostitute who fell back into habits despite Mickey having helped her escape.

Yet it was also, as the book revealed, “the ghosts of [Mickey’s] past” that contributed to the danger, and as such, he could also be damned or redeemed, depending on how well he handles the mess. This chain of events lines up with the second season finale, in which Mickey learned of Glory Days’ death, and of course he leaps right into the action, which turns out to be “the toughest case he’s ever had,” according to executive producer Ross Fineman.

Beyond the central storyline, the series found a way to bring back Neve Campbell for the third season despite her character, Maggie (who is Mickey’s ex), having moved to another city. How shall this happen? Flashbacks, baby. This will be used to give some necessary backstory about Mickey’s inner life, including “the husband, the father, and the man that he would come to be” to inform viewers about why he handles the Glory Days situation in the way that he does.


Manuel Garcia-Rulfo has fully supplanted McConaughey as Mickey Haller, so no changes shall be made there.

Recently announced additions to the cast (according to Deadline) include Michael Kirby (Mayans M.C.) as DEA Agent James De Marco, who might be going to the dark side, so to speak. Mickey doesn’t feel too fantastic about him, at least. Wolé Parks (Superman and Lois) will portray murder defendant David Lyons, and Maisie Klompus (Good Trouble) picks up the role of witness Annabeth Stephens. New roles will also be portrayed by Allyn Moriyon, John Pirruccello, Merrin Dungey, and Philip Anthony-Rodriguez.

Further, Jon Tenney will be back as Mickey Haller, Sr, and Neve Campbell will indeed return as Maggie with more repeat turns by Becki Newton (Lorna), Yaya DaCosta (Andrea), Jazz Raycole (Izzy), and Angus Sampson (Cisco). Recurring actors include Elliott Gould (Legal Siegal), Krista Warner (Hayley), Fiona Rene (Glory Days), and Devon Graye (Julian La Cosse).

Release Date

Netflix managed a fairly quick turnaround between the first season (May 2022) and the show’s sophomore outing (July 2023). As a result, not even strikes could keep this show from returning before long, so bet on late 2024.


An announcement teaser will have to do for the moment, but before too long, we should see some actual footage.