The Lucky Lady Who Bedded Podrick On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Goes By Pixie Le Knot In Real Life

Unlike Jaime, who took his for granted, Podrick is presumably well acquainted with his right hand. No more, though, not after Tyrion surprised his squire with the gift of three lovely ladies for his violent assistance at the Battle of Blackwater. Most memorable of the trio was Kayla, one of only four women in the world who can perform a proper Meereenese Knot I’ve heard. In real-life terms, she’s a professional contortionist named Pixie Le Knot.

Pixie Le Knot is one of the most flexible contortionists in the UK. In her breathtaking performance she will perform the most extreme and amazing backbends which very few other British contortionists are able to achieve. She is currently London based but performs contortion and acrobatic acts at venues all over the UK, internationally and has toured with a traditional big top circus. (Via)

She also appeared in The Devil Inside and can do this:

As a professional sloucher, that makes little to no sense to me. Podrick, you lucky so and so.

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