The 'Man v. Food' Guy Is Actually a Pretty Interesting Dude

06.13.12 16 Comments

Here is a brief interview with Adam Richman, the host of the Travel Channel show “Man v. Food.” If you are anything like me, you have seen just about every episode of the show, and after each one you find yourself filled with an almost unending supply of questions. Examples may include: “Why would someone do that to themselves?”, “How does one get into the ‘eat a whole mess of food and get paid for it’ game?”, “What is his cholesterol level … a jillion?”, and “I bet he poops like a dinosaur.” I suppose that last one isn’t technically a question, but still, I think it’s important.

Because I have this insatiable curiosity about the show, I found this interview fascinating. It turns out — infuriating wristwear aside — Richman is nowhere near the Guy Fieri clone I imagined him to be. For example, he went to Yale Drama School, and decided to follow his dream of food-based television production after reading a book titled The Renaissance Soul. If that doesn’t melt your brain a little, I don’t know what will.


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