‘The Newsroom’ Season 2 Trailer Is Life’s Greatest Mystery

Senior Pop Culture Editor
06.04.13 22 Comments

Is it possible to love anything as much as Aaron Sorkin loves cable news?
Why was this filmed in the desert?
Who thought putting a desk in the desert was a good idea?
What if the trailer isn’t a metaphor and season two will literally take place in the desert?
Could a scorpion replace Don?
Who is singing that song?
Is it Coldplay?
Or is it a terrible Coldplay wannabe?
Is “Coldplay wannabe” the worst thing you can call a band?

Does Jeff Daniels dream a dream of Jeff Daniels?
Has anyone ever thrown their smartphone in real life?
Has anyone ever then followed up their smartphone hurl with tossing their martini in someone’s face?
Didn’t HBO already do similar trailers for every season of Six Feet Under?
Did the entire cast have to attend “dramatically looking off into the distance” boot camp?
Wouldn’t The Newsroom be a better show if it wasn’t about news and renamed itself The Afroman Happy Hour?
Where did Sam Waterston get that glass of scotch?
Can I get a glass scotch right now?
Why isn’t Jane Fonda on every billboard?
Are we apologetic for not posting this yesterday during “Red Wedding” fever? (No.)
How can that TV be on when there’s CLEARLY no electrical outlets for miles?
And most importantly, the f*ck is going on?

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