HBO Is Thinking About Bringing Back ‘The Night Of’ For Another Season

Everyone’s always on HBO about what “the next Game of Thrones” is gonna be for them. It’s a bit of a silly obsession, because of course not every new original show can or should be a mega-blockbuster. Some shows are just well crafted bits of drama that appeal to a smaller audience, like The Night Of did. The limited series wasn’t a smash hit, but it grew steadily in ratings as it went on, off the strength of its story and excellent performances from the entire cast. By the end, you weren’t sure what made you more sad: the result of the case or the fact that the show was over.

Fortunately, it sounds like HBO execs were just as won over by The Night Of as we were and are interested in a second season. HBO’s president of programming Casey Bloys explained how it could come together in an interview with Variety.

“The only issue with doing another season is for them to come up with an idea that excites them. Steve [Zaillian] and Richard [Price] are talking and sharing ideas. I think it’ll be a longer process, probably. Both of them take their time and will only do something they’re really passionate and excited about. They’re not going to do another season just to do another season.”

“My guess is, it would be [one case in a season]. I think they’re talking about a lot of different variations, so at this point, all I know is that they’re talking about it. They haven’t come to us with anything. They’re just trying to get themselves excited about a take.”

Bloys also implied another season would include John Turturro, which is key in our opinion. And while it may take a while for us to get another run of episodes, that’s okay so long as the quality is there. No one wants another True Detective situation where a sloppy and rushed second season derails everything. It’s just another advantage to being on HBO — they’re willing to let a show breathe a bit between seasons if that’s what’s best for the creative process.

(via Variety)