Jenna Fischer Finally Admits That ‘Jim Is Wrong’ About A Contentious ‘The Office’ Discussion

In the season two episode of The Office, “The Fire,” the Dunder Mifflin gang plays “Desert Island” after the fire alarm goes off and they’re evacuated from the building. The game is simple: what movies would you want if you were stranded on a desert island? The goal isn’t to impress anyone with your taste; it’s to simply list the movies that bring you the most comfort. For Meredith, that’s Legends of the Fall, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Bridges of Madison County, and Legally Blonde, which Pam also enjoys. “Wait, wait, wait. Pam… The game is Desert Island Movies, not guilty pleasure movies,” Jim responds, in classic Halpert fashion. “Desert Island Movies are the movies you’re going to watch for the rest of your life! Forever! Unforgivable.” What a d*ck.

Pam takes back her enjoyment of Legally Blonde — a good and fun movie! — but 15 years after the episode aired, Jenna Fischer is ready to take back her take back.

“I think Legally Blonde is a great movie that has a positive message. Jim is wrong,” Fischer told her co-host Angela Kinsey on the Office Ladies podcast. “Reese Witherspoon, in case you were worried that the movie didn’t land, we love Legally Blonde. It landed. We loved it.” It’s unclear what they think of the sequel, Red, White, & Blonde. The actresses did name their own Desert Island movies, however.

As noted by Mashable, Fischer picked The Edge, The Three Amigos, Tootsie, Terms of Endearment, and Parasite, while Kinsey went with Meet the Parents, Pride and Prejudice, Out of Africa, The Matrix, The Empire Strikes Back, Shakespeare in Love, and Elizabeth. Listen to the Office Ladies episode below (then watch Legally Blonde).

(Via Mashable)